Free Scarface

Netent is one of the leading online casino game providers in the industry. Having collaborated with a series of online casinos, its games can be found among various online casino free sites around the world. In this manner, players worldwide are able to simply access any of the Netent virtual free online casino games and play them with a substantial amount of free credit. The reason why online casinos have made this possible is for the simple reason of players being able to have hands on previews of the excellence of such games. Among the types of casino games which can be found include table games such as free roulette, card games and of course a series of video slots and slots.

Video slots such as free Scarface, include state of the art graphics and animation which cannot be found in any other type of online slot machine. These video slots have been purposely created for the benefit of online players and cannot be found in any other casino venue. So much so that all games are unique to the individual online casino game providers which allow them to each offer exclusive games to their players and casinos. In the case of Free Scarface, as the name suggests, it is based on the famous movie of Scarface. Each one of the Netent video slots comprise of a theme which cannot be found in any other game making it original in its own right. This allows for diversity among games and players are able to choose video slots based on the theme and features which suit them. Free Scarface is based on the story line of Tony Montana who tries to defeat his enemies and still manage to have money and power. Free Scarface can be played with a substantial amount of free credit without players having to create and log into an account beforehand. Therefore upon click on the free Scarface game, players will immediately and instantly enter the game and play for as long as they desire. In this manner, these same online casino potential or returning players will be able to access and play the extraordinary features and try out their luck in virtual free mode before beginning their play in real mode. Free Scarface is one of the latest games added by Netent after having collaborated with Universal Studios in order to achieve the rights to present the main characters of the film Scarface together with the actual theme music to the movie which is played throughout the game.

Free Scarface is a video slot comprised of five reels and twenty bet lines. It features sound effects, animation and graphics similar to the actual movie favoured by all. Among the characters and symbols which can be found among its reels include Tony Montana himself, his wife Elvira Hancock, his best friend Manny Ribera and his bosses Frank Lopez and Alejandro Sosa. Then additional symbols are available within the reels included within the free Scarface game which are the slot letters and numbers: A, K, Q, J, and 10. The highest payout within free Scarface is awarded with the combination of the Tony Montana characters while the lowest payout is awarded with the combination of the number 10 figures. However for further information related to the payout table, players may refer to them directly during the free Scarface game. In the meantime however, in order to allow players to win large amounts within the free Scarface, Netent has included the standard video slot features such as free spins, wild substitutions and scatter wins. However there are other features which are presented within free Scarface which are only available within this actual game and these are the specially designed mini off the reel bonus game, stacked wilds and the nudge spins. The free Scarface stacked wild and wild symbols are somewhat to this video slot as they are presented in a manner which include screen shots of the actual movie. The free Scarface stacked wild symbols may only appear in reels 2, 3 and 4. These are these unique symbols which include Tony Montana, Elvira Hancock and Manny Ribera. A free Scarface stacked wild symbol can substitute all symbols except the stacked wild symbols themselves. Once spun, if only a part of the stacked wild symbol appears, then this will become a standard free Scarface symbol. In reel 2, the Nudge spins are activated when the stacked wild symbol appears, in reel 3 the Bonus game is activated when the stacked wild symbol appears and in reel 4 the stacked wild symbol will activate fifteen free spins.

In free Scarface, when the stacked wild symbol of Tony Montana appears in reel three, this will activate the mini off the reel bonus game. When this occurs, the players will be diverted to a separate screen for an additional and fun game. In this case, the player’s objective is to protect Tony from Sosa’s hit squad. This is the scene presented from the movie where the famous line ‘Say hello to my little friend’ was referred. Before each round, Tony’s gun is loaded with either bullets or grenades. In order to shoot down the enemies, the players must select the appropriate bullets and shoot before the hit men reach Tony. With each successful kill, the players will receive a free Scarface bonus amount which is then totalled and added to the free credit balance. These wins are based on the bet level selected during the round which activated the bonus game in the first place. It is important to note that this free Scarface is played for fun and in order for players to better acquaint themselves with the game. All winnings are added to the already existing free credit but cannot be cashed out at any point in time. The players may continue to pursue the gaming features for as long as there is the free credit amount. If this amount runs out, there may be the possibility for players refreshing the same amount and beginning again once the game is refreshed.