Free Mega Joker

With the expanding popularity growth of the online gaming industry a variety of online casinos have been introduced and developed in ways in order to enable their players to make the most out of their gaming experience. So much so, that new and innovative ways and games have been developed in order to enable players to find ways to better achieve large wins. In fact one of the major advantages that online casinos have to offer their players over what land based casinos can offer, is the ability to try out and play certain virtual casino games for free.

Among the first and most popular free online casino games which online casinos have to offer their players is the large range of slots and video slots they have included in their database. Having collaborated with some of the leading free online casino game providers in the online gaming industry, players are now able to play their desired slots in free mode. This means that upon entering online casino free games, a substantial amount of free credit is allocated to the game allowing for players to practice and better acquaint themselves with the game in question for as long as they desire. However in order to access and play free online casino games would depend on the provider the online casino has utilised. In the case of the online gaming provider Netent, it has created and developed a series of slots and video slots to suit all player types. In the case that players prefer the more standardised slot machines which used to be referred to as fruit machines, players will come to expect a standard display of an old slot machine. One such online slot game is the Mega Joker. Free Mega Joker is offered in the same way and method as the game which is also offered in real mode. This means that whatever a player establishes in Free Mega Joker, he can also establish in the actual play of the real mode Mega Joker. The only main difference between the two is that in free Mega Joker, players are unable to win the major jackpot which is available within the game. The reason for this is that any winnings obtained from the free mega joker slot machine is simply added to the free available credit and may not be cashed out. However in order to better understand this slot machine, the free mega joker allows for players to practice the functionality and procedures of the game.

Free Mega joker is a standard fruit machine comprised of five bet lines with the possibility for players to choose from a series of coin values provided within the game itself. The reason why free mega joker is referred to a fruit machine, is due to the fact that most of the symbols that may be found within the free mega joker reels are fruit; ranging from cherries, lemons, watermelons, bells and of course jokers. The more jokers which are revealed within a single reel of free mega joker, the higher the wins. The fun factor of free mage joker is the fact that it provides to set of reels in one of three reels each. The reason for this is because the bottom half of the free Mega Joker reels represents the basic spin mode while the top set of reels represents the supermeter mode where players are able to play and possibly win the progressive jackpot. For starters, being a Netent production, players are able to access the free mega joker by simply clicking on the game within the selected online casino free site without the need to create and log into a casino account. Therefore by simply clicking on the game, the players’ free balance amount is immediately found within the credit balance of the free mega joker game. But then, it is up to the player to select from the various coin values the amounts he wants to bet per spin. There are three main coin values to be found within the free mega joker pokie and these will vary in currency according to the players to which the game is directed. At the same time, by selecting the ‘bet’ option on the actual slot machine, the players may select to either bet one where only one bet line is active or bet the maximum of 10 within the free mega joker whereby the player will activate all five bet lines which will enable them in turn to enter the supermeter mode for the jackpot. However in bet 1, the player will only receive the winnings of that one bet line and should three jokers appear on that line, a mystery win between ten and two hundred coins will be awarded. In the case of the maximum bet of ten, the mystery win of between twenty and four hundred coins will be awarded. In order for players to then enter the free mega joker supermeter mode, the player must win with less than two hundred coins in the basic game. But this must be players at the maximum bet of ten where all five bet lines are active. In the free mega joker supermeter mode, all winning coins are stored until the player requests to collect them or continue playing with them in supermeter mode. Once the amount is collected or lost, then the player is then diverted back to the free mage joker basic game.

The Free mega joker progressive jackpot may only be won in the case of real play. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is progressive and a portion of players’ actual bets are added to the jackpot amount which can eventually be won by a lucky player. This is similar to another free jackpot game, the free Mega Moolah. But players must be aware that there are certain implications and rules that go along with this jackpot. Players may refer to these within the instructions on how the game is played in both the free mega joker version and the real mode play. Another factor that players must be made aware of is also the fact that in order to win the jackpot, players must be playing the free mega joker basic game and not the supermeter mode.