Free Jackpot 6000

Among the standard jackpot slots, Jackpot 6000 is the most sought after. Having been produced by one of the leading online gaming providers in the industry, Netent has gone one step further and has adapted the same game to allow players to play this is in online casino free sites. This means that the players are given the opportunity to play the same game, try out its features and method of play through an easy user friendly free game. By simply clicking on the free Jackpot 6000 slot machine among the various free online casino games, the game will be automatically allocated a substantial amount of free credit which players can begin to experiment with.

Free Jackpot 6000 originated from a Norwegian standard slot machine called Jackpot 2000. By describing it as a standard slot machine, it refers to the fact that is based on the classic fruit machines which were first introduced among casino venues. Among the symbols that players will get to see when playing free Jackpot 6000 include various fruits such as cherries, lemons, grapes, bels, stars and of course jokers. With the growing demand in online casino free games, players are now able to play in the same method they would these classic slots. Upon entering the screen of jackpot 6000 therefore players will be able to view an old fashioned slot machine with the same available buttons to spin with. Free Jackpot 6000 comprises of three reels and five bet lines. Players have the ability to select from a series of coin values and bet lines ranging from one which is the minimum and ten which the maximum. The coin values of free jackpot 6000 have been adapted in order to suit the currencies of the players to whom the game is directed. Therefore, although the free jackpot 6000 is played with virtual money, online casino players will get a better understanding of its features. Being a creation of Netent, it goes without saying that a series of features would be enabled within this free casino game. Among these features include the heads or tails game and supermeter mode. Being a jackpot slot machines and being that it is called free Jackpot 6000, refers to the fact that players have the opportunity of winning a maximum of 6000 coins a the pre-determined coin value as selected by the player himself. Therefore the higher the bets and the bet level when playing free Jackpot 6000, the higher chance of winning large sums. The pay table is listed in the free Jackpot 6000 game itself and may be referred to at any point in time. The combination of the cherries and the lemons produce the lowest payout of twenty coins, while the highest is paid out with the combination of the stars. The jokers on the other hand are those which produce the jackpot amounts in free Jackpot 6000.

The paytable within Jackpot 6000 indicated the amounts which can be won when players win a series of jokers. Depending on the bet level chosen, the player will have a chance of entering the free Jackpot 6000 supermeter mode and winning the jackpot. In order to help players achieve this faster, free Jackpot 6000 also includes a max bet option which can be selected instead of the spin button. When this is done, the free Jackpot 6000 game will automatically take into consideration the highest bet level and bet lines possible at the pre-determined coin value. In fact in order to enter the supermeter mode, players would need to make a max bet and win (excluding wins with jokers). This mode will allow players the chance to win on two available joker symbols that appear anywhere on the reels together with three other normal symbols on the bet line. After each round within the free Jackpot 6000 supermeter mode round, players will be given the choice to either continue playing with their winnings or collect them. But the best part of the free Jackpot 6000 supermeter mode is the fact that players may win between ten and 6000 coins by simply including the combination of two jackpots anywhere on the reels. It is important to note that main jackpot amount cannot be won when playing free Jackpot 6000. Being a progressive jackpot machine, a portion of the actual bets are added to the jackpot amount listed above the machine. It may not be accessed when playing free Jackpot 6000 but players are able to return to the same game in real mode after they have logged into their casino account. In the meantime, whenever a player wins the 6000 coins in free Jackpot 6000 they are able to select to either bet all or part of their winnings in a game of head or tails in the chance of perhaps doubling their winnings. The method in which this works, is that on the bottom left of the machine there is a virtual shot of either the heads or tails of a coin that spins. The player would need to select from the tab either heads or tails and once the coins stops spinning, it will produce the result. However on the other hand, a normal game of free Jackpot 6000 head or tails is activated automatically. If the player continues to win with this extra feature, once a total of 3200 coins have been won, then the game will stop and players may continue to play the main game of free Jackpot 6000.

It is important to note that although Jackpot 6000 is a virtual game and is being played for free, the results run on a random number generator which is also applicable when playing the same game in real mode. Therefore no matter the form in which this standard slot machine is played in, the relevant online casino free site only permits for honest and just game play. Therefore thanks to the potential of free Jackpot 6000 players are able to see what they get in any form of play during the game apart from the actual jackpot amount and the ability to win the jackpot.