Free Blood Suckers

There is no doubt that the greatest advantage any online casino free site has to offer is the fact that players can try out and better acquaint themselves with some of the latest and most popular casino games. Through this method players will be able to make an easier choice in the online casino which suits them the most by testing their games firsthand with a substantial amount of free credit. This is the case with most virtual free online casino games available within these sites and players may choose from table games, card games and of course video slots and slots. These pokies in turn vary according to theme, reels and jackpot amounts (in the case of slot machines such as free Major Millions).

The free Blood Suckers vide slot comprises of five reels, three rows and twenty five bet lines allowing for the player to choose from a series of bet levels ranging from one to four at a pre-determined coin value of their choice. As is the case with many free casino games provided by the leading online casino free games provider Netent, free Blood Suckers also revolves around a particular theme which cannot be found in any other of its games. As the name suggests free Blood Suckers involves a theme where a series of vampires have escaped their coffins and are reaping havoc among the living feeding on damsels. Among the characters and symbols’ combinations which a player can hope to gain during when it comes time to play free online casino games such as free Blood Suckers include various vampire characters, bloody wooden stakes, garlic and many more. The highest combination payout is provided with the vampires while the lowest is of that of the garlic symbols. However for further details, players are provided with the payout table which is available within the free Blood Suckers game itself. Although this may seem an unusual theme for a video slot, it also it none the less entertaining and fun to play thanks to its innovative features and bonus rounds allowing for players to win large sums in a minimal amount of time. So much so that although free Blood Suckers includes the standard Netent features such as wild substitutions, free spins, and scatter wins, there are also a series of additional features such an off the reel mini bonus game which are unique to free Blood Suckers.

The free Blood Suckers free spins are activated when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Ten free spins will be awarded with three scatter symbols while any additional scatter symbols will provide an additional ten free spins each allowing for a maximum of thirty free spins. It is important to note however that no matter the number of free spins awarded, these are played at the same bet level and bet lines as the spin which activated them in the first place. All winnings obtained from the free Blood Suckers free spins are tripled and totalled at the end of the feature and added to the players’ balance. But another factor which needs to be kept in mind is the fact that in free Blood Suckers none of the winnings may be cashed out as they are simply added to the substantial amount of free credit which was allocated to the player at the start of the game. On the other hand, the unique off the reel mini bonus game of free Blood Suckers offers an additional advantage which players may utilise in order to win large bonus amounts. In order to activate the free Blood Suckers bonus game, players must achieve three or more bonus symbols in successions on any active bet line from the left reel to the right. Once this occurs players are diverted to an additional screen off the free Blood Suckers main reels. The screen will reveal a series of coffins lined up and the objective of the player is to select any of the coffins one at a time in the hopes of killing the vampires within. Each time a vampire is slain a bonus amount will be awarded to the player. But it must be noted that there may be some coffins which are empty. If this is the case, then bats will fly out of the empty coffin and the free Blood Suckers bonus game will automatically end. This mini game can last for as long as the player slays vampires and the total amount of bonus coins are then totalled at the end of the game. This amount of coins is in direct proportion to the bet level and number of bonus symbols which appeared during the round which activated the free Blood Suckers mini off the reel bonus game in the first place. The total amount is then added to players’ free balance and may be seen as a total amount once the player is returned to the main free Blood Suckers game and reels. The maximum amount of bonus coins which can be won is that of 20,320. But in order to help the player in achieving larger wins, there are a series of options provided within free Blood Suckers which he can choose from.

The Max bet option enables players to automatically select the maximum bet level and maximum bet lines for each round without the player having to select them each time. In this manner (at a pre-determined coin value), players have more of a chance of winning more bonus coins. On the other hand, if the player prefers to select the bet level and bet lines himself he may also do so as once he has clicked on the Spin button they are automatically taken into considerations. But if a player does not want to keep clicking on the spin button after each spin, there is an additional option called the Auto Spin whereby players can enable a series of automated spins which can take place automatically. All a player would need to do is sit back and watch the reels spin and the winnings come in.