Free Alien Robots

The ability to play free casino games was introduced when free online casino game providers came up with new and innovative casino games to help players better acquaint themselves with certain games. In this manner, players from all over the world can get a firsthand look at the latest games featuring new and improved methods in play. So much so that these games have now become the most popular online casino free games. Among the many that can be selected include table games such as free roulette, card games, and of course pokies. But one must always remember that it is the virtual casino games that are being offered in online casino sites.

Although pokies have in fact drawn the most online casino players, there are various versions to choose from; the main being video slots and slots. The slots which are based on the classic fruit machines one finds in various casino venues, have been set up online with the means for players to play in the same method as they were originally introduced in. On the other hand, video slots are slightly more complex in their method of presentation utilising higher quality graphics and further animation allowing for players to not only play free online casino games such as these with a substantial amount of free credit, but also interact with the various characters within the themed video slot. Netent, which is one of the leading free online casino game providers, has composed a series of video slots which cannot be found anywhere else. Every single one of these game comprises of an individual and unique theme with characters and symbols within its reels to complement that theme. In the case of players being able to play free Alien Robots, the same method of creation has put into place. For starters, free Alien Robots is based on a theme of alien robots which have been circling around the universe in search for a new planet. Each time the online casino free players locate any one of these free alien robots, they gain the chance of winning large sums. Among the various characters and symbols one can find in the free Alien Robots reels include a series of actual friendly and colourful free alien robots as well as the standard letters and numbers one can find in many slot machines; A, Q, J, K and 10. In order to provide players with further information on pay outs (although the game is free Alien Robots), they may refer to the pay table which is located within the game itself. But in order to provide a further introduction to free Alien Robots, players can achieve the highest possible payout with the combination of the various alien robots while the lowest is that of the combination of letters in free Alien Robots. But the winning does not end there as Netent has ensured that players are given the ability to try out new and interesting features within free Alien Robots which they can also find when they are playing the same game in real mode.

The free Alien Robots free spins in one such feature. In order to achieve and activate these free Alien Robots spins, players would need to spin the reels and reveal three or more scatter symbols in the form of alien spaceships. When this occurs, players will expect to win ten free Alien Robots spins with three scatter symbols, twenty free Alien Robots spins with four scatter symbols and the maximum of fifty free Alien Robots spins with five scatter symbols. There is also the added ability to win further free spins when three or more scatter symbols re-appear with this features enabling further free Alien Robots spins. But no matter how many free spins are activated, players will note that hey are played at the same bet level and bet lines as the original spin. Free Alien Robots is comprised of five reels and three rows allowing for the online casino players to select between a series of bet lines up to a maximum of thirty and play with two hundred and forty three bet ways at the maximum possible bet level. The free Alien Robots coin values may also be selected according to the players’ desire. But being that the game is free Alien Robots, players may opt to risk high amounts of bets with the substantial free credit allocated at the start of the game. But this is not all that free Alien Robots has to offer. There is also an additional feature which is unique to the Alien Robots game alone and this is the expanded sticky wild. In order to achieve the highest possible free Alien Robots scatter symbols, this option will enable players to do so. Therefore during the free Alien Robots spins, wild symbols which appear on any winning bet line or bet ways will activate the expanded sticky ld. This means that these wild symbols will cover the entire free Alien Robots’ reel where it has appeared allowing the reel to stick into place while the rest of the reels re-spin one time. This allows for a second chance in winning large amount s in free Alien Robots.

Although the possibilities are endless when playing any virtual casino games within the online casino free sites, players must always remember that the free credit allocated to the game may never be cashed out. This means that any winnings obtained during the free play will simply be added to this credit and once a player exits the game they are playing, the winnings will be automatically lost. The sole purpose therefore of any free game such as Alien Robots is for players to practice and see for themselves the possible winning combinations such games have to offer. So when it comes time for players to play the same game in real mode they will know what to expect and how to achieve it. There are no hidden secrets or hidden features which cannot already be experienced in free mode!